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Why manage your deer?

The UK deer population has seen large increases over the last 15 years. If this is allowed to continue unchecked, damage to other wildlife and to the environment can occur. The importance of managing deer populations is outlined below. By detailing facts it is easy to see why management is such an important factor in maintaining the equilibirum of the countryside. At Devon County Deer we can assist with deer managment on your small holding, farm or estate.

Depending on the species and habitat, a deer population will double between every three and five years.
In the absence of predators or control, a deer population will rise to the point where winter starvation and disease become the limiting factors.
The best a management plan will achieve in one year is 40% of the population, which is hardly more than the annual increment of roe and muntjac. The longer you wait, the bigger the problem to deal with.
Research has shown that deer populations are having a significant and largely negative impact on woodland biodiversity. Most researchers think the deer population is too high already. Deer are damaging agricultural crops, coppicing regimes and gardens. They are a source of conflict between neighbouring landowners.
If you are in receipt of the Woodland Incentive Grants, not controlling your deer could cost your entire grant plus compound interest.
Wild venison from selected carcasses is the healthiest tastiest meat.

The United Kingdom Association of Professional Deer Managers

There are very few professionally qualified Deer Managers in Lowland Britain. To become a member of the UKPDM requires training, time and experience. Our code of conduct is your peace of mind
Only by using properly trained and certified Deer Managers can you demonstrate that you have exercised the duty of care required by common law in respect of activities that could cause injury.
Few stalkers who have not been formally trained are able to examine carcasses for disease, know how to avoid contamination and can safely put venison into the food chain.
Our objective is to give you the information you need so you can make an informed decision about managing deer on your land.

Our service will:

Provide you with a management report and recommendations.
Provide you with a risk assessment.
Recognise that your management objectives are the overriding consideration.
We will share revenue with you from carcasses or pay you a cull fee.
Liaise with keeps and other users of your land to minimise potential conflict.
Provide you with an annual report and consult with you over future plans.
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