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Welcome to Devon County Deer

With deer numbers increasing steadily in the UK, especially Roe Deer, it is essential that the deer population is kept within manageable levels in order to retain an equilibrium. Controlling the deer ensures that there is enough grazing habitat for other animals and that damage to crops and vegetation is kept at an acceptable level.
At Devon County Deer we understand the needs of landowners to manage woodland and this has become even more relevant for those farmers and landowners who intend to access grant funding for the ongoing maintenance of their woodland. In developing a Woodland Management Plan (WMP) a crucial part of the process is the development of a Deer Management Plan (DMP). Devon county deer managers can assist with this requirement by looking at the numbers of deer in the area and, if deemed excessive, help to create a cull plan. Our DMQ qualified and experienced managers will then manage the deer in the area in accordance with the plan. Management records are created in a format that makes it easy for the farmer or landowner to integrate them in their WMP.

The aim of a good DMP is to maintain healthy deer populations in balance with their environment and so an assessment of deer numbers in the area is the first requirement. Deer managers at Devon County Deer are trained to undertake a ‘deer activity and impact assessment.’

At Devon County Deer we are able to provide deer management and consultancy services as well as stalking for experienced and novice stalkers. We specialise in Roe Deer!

To find out more on our deer management services or to book one of our stalking courses, please peruse the web site using the menu bar above.

Graeme Prowse is available for Deer Management & Consulting - click here to request more information.

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We now also have stalking available in Suffolk for Roe, Muntjac, some Fallow and Red Deer.

GRP Game Farm

Graeme also runs a small game farm rearing pheasants which are available from July and August. For further information please click here to use our contact form or call Graeme on 01803 762646.

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